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Staat van Utrecht

The 'Staat van Utrecht' (State of Utrecht, The Netherlands) is a digital, regional source of knowledge intended to signal social issues within the province and to facilitate the scheduling. Besides a digital platform, once every 2 years a brochure is released with the important changes of the past 2 years.

The Staat van Utrecht has two main functions: a monitoring tool and a dialogue starter.

Monitoring tool
The Staat van Utrecht contains 12 main themes, 40 sub-themes and approximately 200 indicators that together give a picture of the living, working and living environment in the 26 Utrecht municipalities.

Dialogue starter
In addition to the monitoring instrument, the Staat van Utrecht also aims to stimulate dialogue about social issues and challenges. Which themes are playing now? What is going well with the region and where are the challenges for the future? The Staat van Utrecht wants to invite as many parties in the region as possible for various activities and meetings to discuss and think about different types of social issues.

- a logo with a corporate identity (March 2017)
- the brochure for the year 2017 (March 2017)
- the guidelines for the online platform (March 2017)
- a flyer about the Staat van Utrecht (May 2018)
- the special for the year 2018 (May 2018)

The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces, with Utrecht as the one most centered. The province itself consists of 26 municipalities and is rich in many different areas, varying between nature, small villages and large cities.

The 12 main themes, represented as icons, with their colors.

The brochure with cut-out logo on the cover.
The brochure contains a expandable sidecard with a map of the province of Utrecht.
Each right page in the brochure contains a color bar, referring to one of the 12 main themes, also showed on the sidecard. Finally, the contact details can also be found.

The official launch of the Staat van Utrecht brochure (March 2017).

The website (March 2017).

Z fold flyer a5 (May 2018).

The 'green' special (May 2018).

Assignment: Staat van Utrecht
Art Direction & designer: Nathan Roos (on behalf of DDK)
Webdesign & development: Ontwerpwerk
Published: March 2017 (identity & brochure) & May 2018 (flyer & special)

Staat van Utrecht

Staat van Utrecht

A brand new logo and corporate identity for de Staat van Utrecht, the Netherlands.