Mustache was producing this show hosted by 2 Chainz and needed some support on Illustration and Animation.

They had their in-house team working on most of the illustration (great job, Jeff) and part of the animation. We should be ready for their call whenever they needed extra help.
We had to arrange a team on each round and deliver what was requested.

Beside we had a lot of fun while doing it, we are happy with all what we could achieve.
- Animated shots: 102
- Illustrations: 20
- Timeframe: 2 months
- Predicabitily level of each Round: Low*

Special thanks to Will, Jeff & Ashley for your hard work and for being confident on us. Briefs were very clear, we always got assets on time, designs were great and files, well prepared!


Produced by Kasana for Mustache
Directed by Mustache

Network: Viceland
Production Company: Mustache
Creative Director: Will Bystrov
Post-Producer: Ashley Lebrun
Story Producer: Charlie Marks
Art Director / Lead Illustrator: Jeff Gess

EP, Coordinator & Animation Director: Roberto Connolly
Illustration: Matías Perez, Micaela Podrzaj, Juana De marco, Benja Dato, Juli Pedemonte.
Animation: Tamandúa, Naza Rosso, Facundo Poviña, Juan Huarte, Pablo Grato, Lucas Scala, Nicolás Ortiz, Gerard González, Gabino Calónico, La Chinche.
Final Passes & QC: Roberto Connolly.



Each full episode workflow had a tight timeframe and there wasn't a way to know in advance the amount of animated sequences that would be needed. The nature of the process was in the logic Shoot-Edit-AnimationScripts-Animation.

So they could work on the creativity for animation only after having the edit, not in advance, because it was subjected to the content. The amount of animated shots on each round was different and we couldn't predict it.

We had to arrange a team and do what was needed. Sometimes less, sometimes more, splitting the work into different artists, having to keep a consistent style.

It felt challenging but we could make it!

Most Expensivest