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Sebamed — Influencer Video + Photo Production

Self-Love and High-Quality Skin Care with and Sebamed Baby
Telling the Story of Loving Yourself and Your Child Through Thoughtful and Relatable Stories

Sebamed is a German brand that prides themselves in quality, medically-proven dermatological skincare products for all ages. and Sebamed Baby—the Indonesian branches of Sebamed—are looking to build a memorable and sustainable online presence in the Indonesian market through a strong and powerful story-based marketing strategy.

How do we keep the brand relatable to the Indonesia market while keeping Sebamed's brand DNA at the heart of the campaign? 

We created a comprehensive marketing campaign involving influencers' management, paid & email marketing, and social media strategy that are all uniquely targeted and tailored to the Indonesian market, allowing Sebamed's brand message of quality skin care to take center stage.

We worked with unique influencers to produce compelling and attractive videos that allowed them to tell their story in a sincere and relatable way. 

1. Conceived and creative directed unique and memorable influencer marketing campaigns called Cintai Diri Sejak Kini (Sebamed Adult) and Cintai Diri Sejak Dini (Sebamed Baby) that center and advocate the story of influencers on the topic of self-love and acceptance.
2. Increased engagement across all platforms, from Instagram to TikTok, through giveaways, competitions, quizzes, and interactive posts—resulting in a 30% increase in sales.
2. Ongoing collaboration with the brand and developing new digital initiatives in the works.

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Sebamed — Influencer Video + Photo Production

Sebamed — Influencer Video + Photo Production

Video & photo production with influencers for and Sebamed Baby under the campaigns "Cintai Diri Sejak Kini" and "Cintai Diri Sejak Din Read More