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Jakarta Clean Air Partnership — Animation

Building Towards a Clean Air Jakarta by 2030
Bringing Together Global Partners in an Effort to Improve Air Quality in Jakarta 

The Jakarta Clean Air Partnership is an initiative designed to bring together experts and policymakers in a concentrated joint effort to significantly reduce air pollution and improve air quality in Jakarta by 2030. ⁠This ambitious initiative was launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies and Vital Strategies, in partnership with the government of DKI Jakarta, and focuses on  enhancing the availability and use of air quality data, analyzing policy solutions and their effectiveness, and promoting public awareness on the health impacts of air pollution.​​​​​​​

How can we tell the story of the Partnership in a captivating and interesting way, without simplifying or diminishing the complexities of the collaboration? 

We produced an approachable and educational animated video completely from scratch, starting with storyboarding and local translation to voice-over work and final animation, for the launch of the Partnership on September 2020 in a virtual press conference attended by Gov. Anies Baswedan as well as members of the press. 

We developed storyboards unique to the local context in order to resonate with the right audience.  

1. Brought the Partnership to life through an animated video that explains the current state of Jakarta's air pollution and captures the essence of the collaboration at hand. 
2. Launched the video at a virtual press conference attended by Gov. Anies Baswedan and members of the press, including Kompas TV and CNN Indonesia.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Jakarta Clean Air Partnership — Animation

Jakarta Clean Air Partnership — Animation

Full animation development for Jakarta Clean Air Partnership, an initiative launched by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Vital Strategies, and the gover Read More