Web App Graphic Design & UI/UX

Project Account Manager: Roman Pelc / DHL
Graphic Design: Tomas Q Prochazka
Illustrations: DHL, snegok13, Rwgusev & Tomas Q Prochazka
Photography: DHL & Tomas Q Prochazka
Code Frontend: Vladislav Bagnyuk
Code Backend: Michal Přikryl / TP+ & Vít Čepela / DHL IT Services

DHL is the largest third-party logistics provider (3PL) in the world. The company has over 380 thousand employees around the world and even ships to countries such as Afghanistan, North Korea or Myanmar (Burma). One of the ways DHL expands has been acquiring smaller companies and integrating them. The key aspect of this process is respecting what the clients are already used to.

After being in DHL portfolio for a while, 2020 was the year PPL was going to be deeply integrated into DHL, to transfer clients under the DHL brand. A web app has been developed that will provide everything (and even more) PPL clients were accustomed to. From easy quote creation, through an intuitive service comparison tool, all the way to a feature-filled client zone with custom management of deliveries, clients, templates and much more.