Branding, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Web

Project owner: Marketingová Kancelář.cz
Project Lead & Strategy: Ing. Richard Kafoněk
Project Account Manager: Ing. Tomáš Nahodil
Copy: Bc. Magdaléna Milostná
Communication & Graphic Design: Tomas Q Prochazka
Photography: © Victor Zastol'skiy, Jacob Lund, Digitalpress & LStockStudio

Gabotherm radiant heat systems have been around for over 25 years. All that time with no complaints. It's hard to even imagine the amount of products and the kilometers of installed pipes that have been flawlessly working for all that time. We were very honored to accept the task of creating their new brand.

The entire visual style and communication is based on several easily comprehensible principles. A simple logo with red and blue colors symbolizes the brand manufactures both heaters and air conditioning. We have come up with a seemingly illogical, but all the more confident, slogan "Forget about Us", which speaks to the utmost quality of the products. You can easily forget about these heaters and air conditioners. Because they work. This is the basis of the entire brand. From business cards all the way to product design.

This project has won us a Special Mention at the German Design Award 2021 in the category Excellent Communications Design.