Graphic Design / UI/UX / Web App​​​​​​​

Project owner: Marketingová Kancelář.cz
Project Lead: Ing. Richard Kafoněk
Project Account Manager: Vojtěch Jelínek
Research & Wireframe: Ondřej Janus / PORTA design
UI/UX & Graphic Design: Tomas Q Prochazka

Energy performance certificates are a necessary part of selling real estate. Auditing energy performance can however also significantly help save energy and money. It's all the more affordable, when the auditing company pays for all the changes and the clients pay from the saved money. The online product ePrůkaz.cz from OEKOPLAN Czech Republic offers these exact services and they are one of the most experienced companies in the field in the Czech Republic.

Their website had become obsolete, so we completely redesigned it. This happened hand in hand with the rebranding of OEKOPLAN company.