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Blacksmith Matouš Kvíčala

Blacksmith Matouš Kvíčala
Branding / Graphic Design / Web​​

Branding, Corporate identity, Copy, Graphic design, Web: Tomas Q Prochazka
Photo & Co-Author in all ares: Taka Tuka Photo
Translations: Tomáš Řádek & Kyle Kristoffersen

Blacksmith Matouš Kvíčala is a man of traditional values so pure, you can only find them in ancient history or in mythical creatures. His father would read him Lord of the Rings when he was a child, so he knew he wanted to be a blacksmith early on. He describes himself as a Scottish dwarf. That's probably why he learnt the craft there. His favorite thing about iron is that the amount of material he is working with does not change. It lives on. That it's a raw material from earth he can transform. He likes to shape it into unique airplane models the most, but he also does knives, axes, hoes. Things people have been using since forever.

Matouš's heart and mind are devoted to iron, but he needed help letting the world know what he does and how good he is. That's why Taka Tuka and I have spent some time with him. We've talked. learned who he is, shot pictures, paid attention. We've made what he needs. Minimalistic branding that helps him express who he is. But mainly a new website and Facebook page that now serve Matouš as primary communication channels.

Blacksmith Matouš Kvíčala