Čauko Děcka (Howdy Guys)
Branding / Naming / Illustration

Branding, Name & Claim, Graphic Design, Illustration: Tomas Q Prochazka
Client, Event Concept, Social media: Veronika Ježková & Nikola Francová
Organisation Gurus: Andrea Lojkásková & Anna Kubicová
Photo: Tereza Štouračová, Urbanpostermockup & Tomas Q Prochazka

Veronika Ježková and Nikola Francová are two great girls behind the flower store "Kvítka v bytě” and design store “Kera”. With these projects, they run physical as well as online store, offer consultancy and design services, teach courses and much more. So, it’s no surprise they are very busy. You won't see them behind a booth at festivals or other events. But they wanted to throw their own event. To make sure everything is perfect and according to their vision, they decided to create their own market. So they joined forces with other great brands and people and made it happen.

All that remained was coming up with a name for the event, what the event will look like and how it’s going to be communicated to the public. That’s where I stepped in ;) The name of the event is a greeting between very close friends. All in all, the visual style and communication evokes the feeling of a nice day spent among friends.

To date, “Howdy Guys” has successfully taken place twice. The first one was still the real deal, but the second one had to take place entirely online. Both events have been a great success and many people have fallen in love with this “market for nice things for your house and to wear”.

Čauko Děcka