Bajkazyl Brno
Franchising / Branding / Web

Project lead, Franchise strategy, Research, UI/UX: Tomas Q Prochazka
Copy: Martin Kontra, Alena Přikrylová, Adéla Stichová, Tomas Q Prochazka
Graphic design: Tomas Q Prochazka
Lead Photographer: Alex Belyaev
Other Photographers: Gabriela Kontra, Mizuky Nakeshu, Asterios Anagnostoudis
Code Frontend: PUXdesign
Code Backend: Tomas Q Prochazka​​​​​​​

The legendary Bajkazyl workshop has expanded from Prague’s Náplavka to Olomouc city and now to a third city, Brno. The newest edition was modeled on true Bajkazyl foundations. It is based on many years of experience, a perfectly equipped workshop and hearts passionate about wheels. Added to this was its own uniqueness: the employment of social service clients; and the addition of a bar, cafe and a club. The new place needed to be its own Bajkazyl. In its form and also in its communication.

Therefore I did not only create the website — the original request — but I also composed the principles of Bajkazyl Brand Franchising. This is to enable the growth of the Brand and also to leave enough autonomy and freedom in the hands of every branch, so that they can effectively communicate and work with local customers.

This meant I could create a website that established the new way the Bajkazyl Brand would be presented everywhere. Because of the remote location of the place, I emphasized especially the feeling of the place, in order to establish a connection with the local biker community. And since then, Bajkazyl Brno has become a local icon.

Bajkazyl Brno

Bajkazyl Brno

Website and Franchise strategy that established the new form of presentation for the Bajkazyl Brand. Because of the remote location of the place, Read More