Hungry squirrel – nuts killer!

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  • Good day!
    Or, wait, the world is seemingly upside down. Maybe some great truth will be opened soon. Beware with what you can find!
    One day I was walking in the street and looking on randomly located berezovyje seregki on trees with funky curvy branches.
  • “What if I could see them upside down?” I though. I would see them like that if I did that, though it never happened. ^_^
  • Then, walking, watching and thinking I found trees with buts, and…I was terrified. Some of the nuts… disappeared…
  • …other was looking pretty strange. I’ve never seen nuts like those, as if they were from somewhere else…
  • I saw it sitting on the branch…
  • When looking more carefully I saw it eating…I was looking more precise. And, aha, it was a nut.
  • After a short while squirrel finished eating, stared at me for a moment. While it was staring, ants were running over my skin. As if it was looking deep inside me, as if it was questioning – should I disintegrate him or maybe teleport him to the other dimension?
  • But suddenly, squirrel started to jump from branch to branch, and run out of my sight. Was it just a coincidence, or that squirrel had some black magic powers? Unfortunately I forgot at home my magic stick, and squirrel run away, so this mystery will be unsolved forever.
    P.S. I’m fine.)