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    few photos which I classified as kinda weird, but awesome.
Hello, dears,
This few photos were stored on my computer for a long time. the reason was quite simple: they were weird enough to put them anywhere. Recently I took pictures of few more of those. And one more. And think it is good enough to have 5 weird photos as separate album.)
Well, I really do not know how to describe them. The only thing I know, I like them :)
I hope you will too 
its a mushroom, a small detail most of people do not pay attention to. but..it's not earth look makes it looks a bit outer, mystical...
I saw a few of those
and even more. this was a recent one. thanks to my girlfriend to see them on the edge of our path.)
thelast one. finishing xD
here I like the large contrast of red and white-like. it makes it even more deep.
and this one is part of hoody while it was small rain. I added some color changes and trololo...not interesting phoyo becomes something looking like not as I would expect it to be...