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    I want to have one-two days of summer NOW!
Hi all,
today on my way to Brno, again lonely evening, preparation for next week for work, I felt that it would be SO cool to have...some kind of one weekend of summer during weekend. With such ideas, I was looking through "work in progress| folder of photos for Behance, and found folder with flowers.
The result was after 1.5 hour in train, and this result you can see below. I hope you will agree, that the idea of having summer-weekend is crazy, but not bad at all xD.
I met this flower near lake in Wiener Neustadt in late autumn, 2012. Quite a small (maybe not even 1 cm in diameter), but very beautiful.
This puffy creation of nature I found on my way to faculty...imagine how many people walking through and do not pay attention to such small details
The inside part of huge flower in Lednice (Czech Republic). In diameter it was like human head.)
I do not remember where I took this photo, but probably it was in the evening, because the quality of image was so...not presentable, that I need to "work" with it in GIMP a bit longer. But...surprisingly I liked the output result, ,hope you do so too.)
If my memory is not wrong, this was taken in Vienna (Austria) in spring 2012 when there were a lot of roses all over in the Vienna parks...
My second favorite photo in this serie. It was somewhere around Brno (Czech Republic). Note the bee...everybody's WORKING!
This one I like the most. It has some magic in it. It is similar to the puffy photo showed above, but photoshooted in some other time.