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    this is a summary of first "compact-camera" experience.
Hi guys,
I'm moving on the next step. Slowly moving from a compact cameras to the fancy and big DSLR. Form Canon (which, btw PowerShot IS 2xx series with ultrazoom is the best compact quality/price I think) to Nikon D3100/Tamron 70-300. I just got it, I tried it a bit, it's a fancy toy which I do not know at all. But for now I'm EXTRA EXCITED!
I do not stop using Canon Powershot  at all, moreover, I try to distinguish between compact easier use and fancy and better quality one DSLR.
For now I would like to conclude a big chapter of this projects (unfortunately on Behance I can't group projects in folders). Recently I was thinking about the types of photos I was making, and funny thing mostly I was concerned about limited number of "objects" to take snapshots of.
Here i would like to present their list.)
I do not know, probably it will take me some time until I will be happy to put new album on Behance using Nikon camera, but the step was done...the point of bifurcation passed. I wouldn't mind to put aside albums I created until now. Hopefully Behance will allow doing it. Otherwise, I might create a new profile...for now I didn't decide it yet. But, I'm full of great motivation to grow on both technical (do better images) and structurally (put them together in some systematic manner). On this step, any advices are very welcomed.
But for now,
Enjoy this,
Birds...these flying cuties were magnetizing my attention and still are. I did some "birdshunting" walks (on facebook the results can be found..good and bad). This particular birdy, the blackbird, spread over the central europe quite well. I see them running on the ground each day going to work..saw than in Austria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Germany. One day I try making a report about them, when I have enough energy to actually study their behavior from internet/books etc supplying it with few shots.
This plant (bushes) constantly attracts my attention recently. I do not know why...It's just so amazing. But throughout the albums it appeared in quite a few places.
Pictures from below. The idea to do them actually appeared in the head of my good (one of the best) friends Adi, while we were walking in the botanical garden sticked to the Faculty of Science. Also, combination of needles/leaves with snow - it's a topic I really will cover more in future.
Things on the ground is also quite a thing. It is so easy to just look to your bootz, maybe something is there. Often i was finding some stuff lying down in a peculiar manner. Even, I dare to believe the pictures with dirt and shit are far more art that cleared model photos of some "professionals". I remember having quite a discussion with few friends about that. ^_^
Flowers...I had tham a lot, I will have them a lot. It's like endless material to take shots of. No other comments :) Specially, if there's bugs on the flowers...>:0
Sky was also shot and liked by me (from me ):> ). Sometimes..it brings peace in my mind, like this picture that was taken while I was walking through a cemetery (not a joke).
random leaves/branches etc that forming any funny geometrical chaos. I think nature has much higher potential than any designer with his angled structures. On Behance there are a lot of those, I do not like them, personally. 
I kinda couldn't find picture of leaves (and lazy to process one now) - so it will count as leaves for now xD
Leaves, like a flowers for me, I think that there is some kind of unknown synergy of leave form and its position (tree, bench, ground, flying) that makes (if you able to catch the moment or look at it AT ALL) specific special mood. It might vary which. But, I will do more leaves, that's for sure :)
That's gonna do it for tonight.
I'm feeling accompished now. And ready to get new horizonts
I will appreciate if you will wish me luck, even in your thoughts while reading this text