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    New lovely plant I found. Funny enough, it is warm, and flowers start to dry. I had perfect timings..he-he.
Dear all,

My next post will be about plant that I recently found in botanical garden. Its name is Hamamelis (or, in english, Witch Hazel). The reason I was amused by it is not only I'm very easy to be amused, but because of properties it's having.

First of all, unlike other plants, its having flowers during winter time, do not even care about the fact that it is "-" temperature, snow, and conditions normally not good to have flowers.
Second, it is so cool to have its berry on the flower (in the middle part of the photos) and i shoots it (apparently up to 10 m) when being heated (supposingly it is spring and the conditions nice to try spreading itself all over).
Also, due to the variety of types (it is spread almost on all continents; + biologists couldn't not play with crossbreading) it has wide range of colours.
Here in botanical garden there were only two types of this amazing trees: red and yellow. Yellow is Hamamelis mollis, and it's origin is from North America. And red one, Hamamelis japonika, from Japan.
Also, not only this small semitree / semibush has a lot of medical uses, which were utilized by ancient civilizations, as well as commercialized in our time.
I hope after watching photos I put, you agree that this plant would find its place in nearly every garden.
Enjoy, ^_^  
PS. I decided to sort a bit my older albums and look through them carefully. Maybe few of them (the most less visited) will be removed. I think It's time to relook the pictures and requalify them.