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    some thoughts flying in my head
Hi guys,
After few weeks of testing of new toy Nikon D3100 I can say, that it is a fun toy, but more complicated. Even though I am very pleased with photo quality (if taken properly which is far not often for now), I found some hard times into switching from compact to DSLR.
I think it is quite important, because for several days I have thoughts about it in my head. Yesterday before going to sleep the nice picture of what I wanted to say appeared, so I decide – it’s time to write!
Canon Powershot IS210
I will appreciate you read the text. And, if you will think something about it – let me know, I would say it is rather important to me.
First of all, I will dare to classify all the people with cameras on three principal categories: professionals (who make money on photography), artist (who creates an esthetic images) and regular users (taking pictures of places they visited etc-etc). Of course, as in all classification, each person is a mixture of each of these categories. I am putting myself somewhere between second and third category with strong attraction to the third, though.
Nikon D3100
What I think can be applied, that for any photographer who is not doing it for money a simple rule can be applied: the photography in some way represent your emotional state. And, talking a bit of sarcasm, not too much I would say about people who take preferably pictures on parties of him/friends with drunk faces. What I can say about my photos, that often I try to run out from place of object, concentrating on the object itself. This flower I pictured in the garden near road on the way to the train station, and even I was a bit late, I couldn’t resist staying for 1 min to find angle to shoot it. It’s no more only about the seeing objects around you; it’s more like take a picture to regain the emotion in it.
Example, some nice tree with “cats” fluffy stuff can be taken like that
Canon Powershot IS210
Or like that
Canon Powershot IS210, ugly photo.
What I mean is, if you think that photography can be in some way the snapshot of your mental state in general sense. I do not know if I was able to express it in a easy understandable way, but I like this idea a lot. It actually makes each successful photo unique, even if it was taken at the same place.) So, the trouble of using Nikon I found was kind of not expecting. For now, I was testing it like “I go there and take photos”. And I do not like the photos, I do not see in them too much of my emotions. Funny enough, I’m carrying now the camera around, waiting when I will feel like taking photos, to be able doing it, even if it will be in the middle of the crowded street a photo of small flower aside the road.
Canon Powershot IS210
As a conclusion of this, please, take your time while taking pictures, think that in some time you can remember how you felt just by looking on the photo :)
Nikon D3100
PS. All the photos were 0 GIMPed, so you can see the difference in noise and (maybe) tell me if the Nikon D3100 in my hands better than Canon PowerShot IS210. Ok, I lied, I croped some of them.
Nikon D3100
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