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    few photos I like while playing with new Nikon
Hi all,
This year spring for known by not too many ones reasons is late. The tests of Nikon D3100 continue, and while it’s done few “proofs” of its appearance were done. This thingy surely is far more powerful tool of imaging than compact. Though, I still have a long time to go to utilize it nearly close to what it could do.
One fact is unfortunate; the image post-processing using GIMP is still required. So my ideas to have a device that require smart click-and-post failed for now. However, some of the features in this new toy open new ways how to take images. What was quite surprising, it’s comparable noise level…which was done in totally bad scientific fashion (photos of relatively same objects in surely different conditions…). However, I still think that this device can do better and the fault is in my hands/brain. For now, see few tryouts. Soon, hope the weather will be better and more subjects will appear.
I couldn't not put some needles...
this actually surprise me a lot. the camera works totally different from what I expect it to be (based on the compact one).
spring coming example..a lot them)
spring coming example
some dry thing that do not connect to spring, but impressed me alot
kitty the cat was found to be walking himself around, maybe looking for a potential partner?)