The edge is the approach, the method, the opportunity. The edge is what sets PSP apart. Being able to spot that edge is their goal. They get there by exploring the unexplored, by noticing business opportunities that may be otherwise unseen, by seizing every possible opportunity.

Creative director: Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Art director lead: Nadine Brunet
Art directors: Jean-Michel Mercier, Annik Bouchard
Art director - Video: Guillaume Cardell
Designers: Pamela Jaton, Charles Connoue
Writers: Andrea Usher-Jones, Thierry Faucher, Tony Babinsky
Photographer: Alexi Hobbs, CONSULAT
Partner, executive vice-president: François Forget
Partner, senior vice-president strategy: Elana Gorbatyuk
Partner, group account director: Justine Trudeau
Strategist: Manuel Gobeille Leblanc
Account director: Antoine Levasseur
Account supervisor: Annie Dufresne
Account coordinator: Catherine Bédard
Producers: Marie-Christine Côté, Stéphanie Merizzi, Juliane Le Pouezard
Production coordinator: Magali Rack
Director: Maël Demarcy, DAVAI
Offline editor: Eloi Arsenault
Online editor: Guillaume Chaboud
Colorization: Charles-Étienne Pascal, SHED
Original music and sound design: Jeanseb Roux
Motion: Gimmick
Graphic production: Graphiques M&H