For its 25th anniversary, Sid Lee decided to share its story, values and creative credo, all captured in a book distributed to every employee.

This book also represents the first expression of the agency’s new visual identity since its rebrand in 2018.

Being future forward and digital first, we decided to create an online and AR experience to share the book and its contents.

CEO, Senior Partner & author: Bertrand Cesvet
Chief Creative Officer, Co-founder: Philippe Meunier

Creative Director: Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Art Directors: Jean-Michel Mercier & Isabelle Allard
Designers: Yann Carrière & Sarah Lemire
Copywriters: Thierry Faucher, Brian Murphy & Mélodie Karama
Adaptation copywriter: Félix Légaré
Proofreader: Mathieu Rolland
Interactive Art Director: René Charles Arseneau
AR Designer & Developper: Jérémy Fréchette
Photographer: Thanh Pham

Director of Corporate Marketing: Solène Lavigne-Lalonde
Account Supervisor: Annie Dufresne
Coordinator: Catherine Bédard
Sid Lee Book