Grafika is the highest graphic design prize in Quebec.

For the contest’s 22nd edition, we created the most “campaign” campaign ever. The message: “design is everywhere”. So we made posters that screamed “poster” and cheeky, self-referential moments in every medium.

To hype people up for the ceremony and push tickets, we created posters, social media posts online, and a generative website that transforms and redesigns itself live, as you use it.

The campaign came to life in film too with an introduction to the Grafika Ceremony and after party videos - because design never sleeps.


Creative Director: Marie-Elaine Benoit & Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Art Director: Jean-Michel Mercier
Copywriter: Thierry Faucher
Director Executive: Roxanne Kakon
Creative Developper: Giacomo Ferron

Motion Design: Gimmick Studio
Jury Videos: Consulat / Simon Duhamel
Music & Mix: Cult Nation

Client: Infopresse
Event Photographer: Infopresse
Grafika 22