As Sid Lee reached 25 years of age, we took a look at our brief but packed history, and made the following realizations: first, we made it here because we were always bold enough to try. Second, change has always been part of our DNA. Third, we change, but never for change’s sake.

This time, we change to stay relevant.
We change, to create what matters.

Chief Creative Officer, Co-founder: Philippe Meunier
CEO, Senior Partner: Bertrand Cesvet
Director of Corporate Marketing: Solène Lavigne-Lalonde
Creative Director: Simon Chénier-Gauvreau

Art Directors: Jean-Michel Mercier, Sarah Déry & Isabelle Allard
Copywriter: Thierry Faucher
Adaptation Copywriter: Félix Légaré
Illustrators: Julien Poisson & Benjamin L’écuyer
Graphic Artists: Kevin Foster, Cloé Létourneau & Jean-Philippe Plante
Brand and Portfolio Manager: Alexandre Geoffrion
Photographer: Thanh Pham
Brand Photography: Alex Blouin
Coordinator: Catherine Bédard

Post-production Director: Lysianne Bellemare
Content Producer: Jacinthe Robert
Production Coordinator: Nadine Boustany
Senior Assistant Editor: Marie-Pier Nadeau
Editors: Éloi Arsenault & Benoit Marcoux
Assistant Editors: Marika Charpentier & Béatrice Tremblay-Bégin
Motion Designers: Raphaël Laflamme-Thibault & Gerardo Manjarrez

Web Account Manager: Yannick Chauvette
Web Creative Directors: Vincent Ramsay & Christian Ayotte
Web Art Director: Caroline Duplantis
Web Designer: Jonathan Pinard
Writer: Marie-Ève Arsenault
UX Designer: Pierre Lambert

Product Owner: Caroline Royer
Technical Director: Guillaume Raymond
Front-End Developer: Simon Arnold, Maxime Daoust, Frederic Landry & Patrick Freedom Mayer
Back-End Developers: Arthur Loiselle, Hugo Voisine, Maxime Gagné, Daniel Petitclerc & Anthony Greene
QA Specialist: Karen Gaudreau
Dev Ops: Alex Pilon & Andrew Moore
Sid Lee Rebrand