On June 1, 2016, I shaved off my beard.
It seemed fun to see how quickly the beard would grow back,
so that's why I made a selfie every day.

More than 800 days later
(and several beard-trim moments further),
the 'joke' is still a moment every day.

The first photo (DAY 0001) and a picture 53 days later (DAY 0053)

And after that moment many more photos followed..

With a compilation every 100th day:
(this is DAY 0500)

It is nice to see the pictures of the moment when I take the picture.
For example, a football match at the FC Utrecht stadium (DAY 0208):

Or another example: having fun with my parents (DAY 0418):

If you take a photo every day,
you'll try to make something different with each new photo,
but sometimes you will get similar images:

But in the end, it is nice to take a photo with friends and family:

Or crazy photos:
(Yes, I've been hit with snowballs, I've had different things on my head such as a bicycle helmet,
VR glasses, a pancake, soap, ice cream, paint and a mask. Even at the dentist. Ow, and don't forget the puke photo.)

And the story continues!