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    Dezeen x Samsung's QLED TV stand design concept

This concept was created for the Dezeen and Samsung's QLED TV stand design competition, which called for innovative stand concepts for Samsung's QLED TV. It was one of fifteen designs that were shortlisted, out of over 1,200 entries from 83 different countries.
I wanted to make the TV look like it is suspended in mid-air, with the cable hanging down and coiling below it. The stand would be made from single, cold-forged stainless steel tube extrusion, which would create a cantilever structure.
The STRATOS stand takes one of its most prominent features, the single optical connection cable (Invisible Connection) and amplifies it by the stand design. The design is a visual extension of the cable and gives the illusion that the QLED TV is suspended in mid-air.
The goal of the STRATOS design was to honour the uncluttered character of the Samsung QLED TV and take the stand to the next level of minimalism. This is achieved by creating a single, iconic gesture starting from the connection cable. The stand design celebrates the single cable. The design language is elegant, light and friendly, making the whole TV the perfect object in any living room. It also makes the TV instantly recognisable from a distance.
The STRATOS stand is made from a single, cold-forged Stainless Steel tube extrusion. This tube is formed & bended for additional strength & stiffness and to create sophisticated & subtle form transitions. These production techniques are commonly used in the furniture industry.

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