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The F50 TUNIT technology gives football players the possibility to individually determine the feel and customise the performance of their shoes. Both according to the conditions during a game and according to their personal playing style. The shoe comes with three sets of studs: short studs for hard ground, normal studs for firm ground and the long studs for soft ground. The chassis can be switched around between “light weight”, “comfort” and “performance”. The uppers can be also exchanged to suit the player. The studs, uppers and chassis’ can all be purchased separately. This feature makes it easy to repair and upgrade the boots.

The lacecover was welded on the upper in process that is similar the Teamgeist ball. This innovative seamless lace cover provides an optimal fit and a clean kicking surface. It also featured an engineered lightweight microfiber synthetic AdiGrip upper for a soft, glove-like fit and improved ball touch in wet conditions, as well an advanced synthetic lining to keep the feet comfortable throughout the entire game.

The F50.9 TUNIT was worn by some of the best football players in the world, like Arjen Robben, David Villa and Lionel Messi.
David Villa (Valencia CF)