Philips Smart TV 6000-series
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    The Philips 6000 is a range of premium and sustainable TVs.
Philips 6000-series is a range of premium TVs launched in Q2 2012. We focused on sustainable and elegant designs with extremely slim, metal bezels expressing performance and visual lightness. Every detail was carefully considered. Most of the design effort was concentrated on creating an architectual quality with crisp design lines, sharp edges and refined colours & authentic material contrasts. Together with the engineering team, we created the Philips TV with the slimmest frame possible.
Philips Design is proud on its human-centric approach and we put a lot of effort in creating products that don't destroy our world. Our sustainable design has been independently verified and internationally recognised. Philips has been awarded the EU Eco Label and the EISA Green TV Award 2012-2013 for its energy efficiency and the efficient use of metals.

“While today's TVs are being offered with ever-bigger screens, this doesn't have to mean a bigger cost to the environment. With the 6000-series, Philips has created a range with increased functionality over its previous models while maintaining its standing as a brand with environmentally efficient products.” explained the EISA jury. “Not only does the 6000 outperform its rivals when it comes to energy efficiency but it also boasts the efficient use of precious metals in its printed circuit boards and design. As such, a Philips TV set wins the EISA Green Award for the third year in succession.”

In addition the range has high energy efficiency, ultra low standby powers (up to 50% less than the required EU Eco Label level) and absence of hazardous substances (e.g. lead). The 6000-series is also specifically designed for easier repair and recycling.
With the special gaming glasses, the TV can deliver the ultimate Two Player Gaming experience. In two-player games, each gamer usually sees their view on a split screen. Using 3D overlap technology, each player can now enjoy their own full-screen game perspective at the same time.
The Ambilight Spectra technology enlarges the screen by projecting a soft glow of light from two sides of the back of the TV screen onto the surrounding wall. Ambilight automatically adjusts the color and brightness of the light to match the TV picture. Thanks to the wall-adaptive function, the color of the light is perfect, regardless of your wall color.
The Register - Review
"This 55incher, arguably the prettiest yet from the brand, features wall-colour adaptive two-channel Ambilight LED lighting, and comes with a handy Lounge Light mode to set the Olympic mood.
Of course, it’s also tanked up on tech. There’s a dual-core CPU for seamless internet-streamed catch-up TV, integrated Wi-Fi, plus a powerful 400Hz picture processor designed to deliver squeaky clean fast motion. This set also marks a big change to the user interface of Philips screens. The result looks far nicer to navigate than before."
Philips Design
Sonny Lim (Lead Designer)
Liz Teh (Creative Lead)
Rod White (Creative Director)
Sofia Andreasson (Senior Lead CFM, Visual Trend Analysis & Lifestyle Trend)
Sajid Saiyed (Lead Designer UI)
Chin Boon Ang (Senior Designer Product Graphics)

Wan Fong Tan (Lead Engineer)

Olivier Semenoux (Senior Product Manager BG TV)
Olga Ten (Consumer Marketing Manager)

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Photo credits: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.