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    The Philips steam iron Azur Performer combines powerful performance with ease of use.
The Philips Azur Performer range of steam irons continues the proud "Azur" heritage. The top-of-the-range model has a powerful 200g steam boost to make ironing more easy and smooth. The advanced titanium oxide Soleplate coating gives superior glide and scratch-resistance with 25% more steam holes for better output. The Auto Steam Control gives the right amount of steam with each fabric.
Philips Design is proud on its human-centric approach and it puts a lot of effort in creating innovative products that are relevant. The Azur Performer has a Dry tank alert and the Easy Scale Release cleans the iron from scale for prolonging the life of your iron and better ironing results. A variable steam function allows you to adjust the humidity, direction and power of the steam flow. Vertical steam function allows you to use the iron like a steamer and remove creases from hanging garments or curtains with ease.
KeyShot Renderings by Remko de Wit
Amazon - Reviews
"As you would expect Philips design expertise means the iron is bristling with little design ideas that makes the iron great, amongst these are the designed solid well designed button offering easy reassuring, reliable operation of all the controls for many years to come. The precision tip at the top of the iron allows for easy ironing where required for intricate areas such as buttons etc. The flap to fill iron with water opens very conveniently to the side so there is no need to hold iron in upright position."
"The iron also boasts an easy to de-scale feature, which is a little box which clicks out and back in again where the limescale is supposed to collect and then be easily emptied out. In the 3 weeks we have used this iron, we haven't collected any scale as yet, but I think if you live in a hard water area this would be really useful!"
Philips Design
Sonny Lim (Creative Lead)
Max La Rovere (Design Manager)
Tammo DeLigny (Creative Director)
Chin Boon Ang (Senior Designer CMF & Product Graphics)
Cecilia Go (Product & Retail Graphics)
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Photo credits: Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.