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    The Alize Road Bike focuses on aerodynamic performance through optimised tube profiling and an extended Kamm tail. The changing aerofoil profile … Read More
    The Alize Road Bike focuses on aerodynamic performance through optimised tube profiling and an extended Kamm tail. The changing aerofoil profile along the tubes manages the airflow specific to the aerodynamic characteristics of each element. Read Less
The Alize design is the archetype of aerodynamics in motion and reflects a balance between elegant engineering and speed. Its body is sculpted from C6.7 unidirectional carbon fibre, a unique combination of high-modulus materials exclusively developed for NeilPryde bikes.

Morphing aerofoil cross-sections to manage airflow. Joints and transitions that are performance solutions. Sculpted chain stays for increased stiffness.

Every surface, every contour and every angle of the frame are opportunities to create, control and refine aerodynamic performance like the intricately designed dropouts. The Extended Kammtail design within the down tube reduces aerodynamic drag without sacrificing power transfer, so every ride is like slicing through the wind. The iconic sleek lines and angular contours are easily recognised, even from a distance.
The perfect breakaway bike or the bike to cut through the miles of training and Sunday morning centuries. The aerodynamic Alize when combined with our race proven spec will make light work of it all.

An aerodynamically designed road bike, which when combined with the race proven Shimano Dura Ace 7900 groupset, premium FSA SLK components, and the 2011 Ksyrium SL wheelset from Mavic means that the complete bike weighs-in just over the 6.8 kg minimum weight limit imposed by the UCI. The frame itselfs weighs only 1040 grams. The result: the perfect lightweight companion for every epic ride.

The complex progressions in tube profiles found in the Alize frame and forks were developed to achieve the fine balance between achieving an aerodynamic design and realising the required performance characteristics of a high-performance road bike.

The NeilPryde Alize is the archetype of aerodynamics in motion.
The complex interaction of frame and forks, with wheels and components, at a variety of wind yaw angles, and most importantly incorporating the rider, necessitates the airflow to be managed specific to the aerodynamic characteristics of each element.

The design of the Alize achieves this through the complex morphing of every tube profile and joint. We couldn't just settle for the cookie-cutter approach of using a standard aerofoil profile along the length of every tube. If only bike aerodynamics were that simple.
Achieving a balance between optimised aerodynamics and cycling performance is a complex challenge, with the stiffness and weight requirements of a bike creating additional constraints.

Traditional high aspect ratio aerofoils are significantly less efficient when designing an aerodynamic road bike frameset, as lateral and torsional stiffness requirements, and the ride and handling performance are more critical than in TT or triathlon bike designs.
Firstly, incorporating a progressive Kamm back aerofoil profile in the lower 1/3 of the down tube, with the extended trailing edge becoming truncated and morphing into a squared-off surface, enabled a significantly more efficient transition from the downtube to seattube.

The specific proportions of the down tube and seat tube profiles force the airflow to remain laminar around the down tube and seat tube, and rear wheel. The static air above the bottom bracket results in little turbulent energy dissipation in this area.
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