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Aether | Branding & Visual Identity

Aether - Brand Identity Case Study

Aether, an emerging titan in the data analytics industry, stands at the forefront of transforming vast data landscapes into realms of actionable insight. With a mission to harness the power of data for better decision-making and a future defined by clarity, Aether sought to revolutionize how businesses interpret and leverage their data. Recognizing the need to embody these ambitions in their brand identity, Aether chose Numinous for a brand evolution that reflects their commitment to innovation, transparency, and ethical data use.

Scope: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Brand Style Guide, Color Scheme, Typography, Digital and Print Design, Social Media Strategy.


In a sector flooded with generic and complex solutions, Aether faced the dual challenge of standing out and communicating the unique value they bring to data analytics—simplicity, insight, and ethical integrity. They needed a brand identity that not only differentiated them visually but also conveyed their groundbreaking approach to making data analytics accessible, insightful, and ethically responsible.


Aether’s reimagined brand identity is a testament to their role as pioneers in the data analytics space, guiding businesses towards enlightened decision-making through data-driven insights. Numinous is proud to have illuminated Aether’s path to a brand identity as innovative and profound as the solutions they offer.

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Studio: Numinous®
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Client: Aether
Agency Director: Geovanie Radcliffe
Year: 2024

Aether | Branding & Visual Identity


Aether | Branding & Visual Identity