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Hawthorn Interiors • Brand Identity

Hawthorn Interiors - Brand Identity Case Study

Hawthorn Interiors, an emerging leader in the eco-friendly home decor sector, is dedicated to harmonizing modern living spaces with the beauty of nature. Driven by a commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovative design, Hawthorn seeks to revolutionize the way we envision and inhabit our personal spaces. With a focus on creating durable, timeless, and elegant decor pieces, Hawthorn Interiors aspires to blend the artistry of the natural world with contemporary aesthetics to foster serene and sustainable living environments.


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Hawthorn Interiors knew it was time for a brand identity that truly mirrored their dedication to eco-conscious living and modern elegance. That's why they teamed up with us at Numinous.

Hawthorn Interiors brought us on board to distill the spirit of their mission into a visual language. Together, we set out to do more than just give Hawthorn a new look—we wanted to weave a story that highlighted their unwavering commitment to the environment and their flair for exquisite design.

The visual identity we've shaped for Hawthorn goes beyond mere appearance; it's a window into an immersive experience. Each element is designed to draw you in, to encourage a moment of reflection, and to invite a meaningful step toward a more aware and intentional way of living.

This Hawthorn color palette captures the dynamic essence of nature—its energy and its calm—giving Hawthorn a voice that can whisper or sing, touch hearts, and move minds.

Hawthorn is more than just a brand name; it’s a standard bearer for marrying eco-friendly ideals with sleek, modern design. The visual language we’ve nurtured, from our harmonious color choices to the meticulous wordmark, and the adaptable typography, resonates with those who seek beauty with purpose, and style with substance.


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Studio: Numinous®
Agency Website:
Client: Hawthorn Interiors
Agency Director: Geovanie Radcliffe
Year: 2024

Hawthorn Interiors • Brand Identity


Hawthorn Interiors • Brand Identity