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Caraballo CPA | Branding & Visual Identity

The Client

Caraballo CPA, an esteemed entity in the financial realm, aspired to transcend the traditional accounting firm image. Their vision was to be acknowledged as proactive partners, especially for the diverse clientele they serve, melding their rich legacy with a contemporary financial approach.

Why Numinous: 

Understanding the crucial nexus between brand perception and success, Caraballo CPA approached Numinous to revamp their entire brand and visual identity. They wanted to ensure that their brand resonated powerfully with their ethos and stood out in a saturated market.

Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Secondary Logo Design, Print Design, Motion, Digital, Brand Messaging.

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Numinous undertook a holistic rebranding effort. Centering on Caraballo CPA's distinct strengths, we repositioned them not merely as service providers but as true financial allies. Through this transformation, we crafted a visual and strategic brand narrative that authentically aligns with their commitment to their clients and community.


The Strategy:

We devised a strategy to navigate the intricate pathways of the modern financial realm while still preserving the rich legacy of Caraballo CPA. Recognizing their deep-rooted commitment to trust and genuine client relationships, our approach was tailored to spotlight these very strengths. By doing so, we ensured Caraballo CPA wasn't just echoing industry trends but setting a benchmark for authentic and proactive financial guidance.

Studio: Numinous®
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Motion Design: Lukas Martins
Client: Caraballo CPA
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Agency Director: Geovanie Radcliffe
Year: 2023

Caraballo CPA | Branding & Visual Identity

Caraballo CPA | Branding & Visual Identity

Numinous proudly presents our comprehensive branding project for Caraballo CPA. Dive into a journey where branding, brand identity, and identity Read More