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NOIRNOIR | Cafe Brand Identity


NoirNoir: Crafting a New Epoch in Coffee Culture

In the heart of Soho, a new narrative in coffee is being written. NoirNoir, our latest brand identity project, isn't just a café; it's an ode to the art of coffee, a tribute to the night, and a sanctuary for the creative soul.


The challenge was to create a brand that encapsulates the sophistication of Soho's art scene with the depth and mystery of the perfect cup of coffee. Our goal was to weave together a narrative that resonates with artists and coffee connoisseurs alike.


DIscovery, Logo Design, Secondary Logo Design, Visual Identity, Print Design, Digital, Brand Messaging.

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The process: 

Our journey began with understanding the essence of Soho's artistic heartbeat. We dove deep into the world of coffee, extracting the most nuanced flavors and stories. Our design process married minimalist aesthetics with a rich, dark palette, echoing the dual nature of coffee – both a ritual and a revelation.

Design Philosophy: 

NoirNoir stands where shadow meets light. Our monochromatic identity echoes the night's mystique, while our logo — bold and balanced — embodies Soho's modern elegance. It's a beacon for the coffee connoisseur, symbolizing our commitment to a pure, immersive coffee experience.

The outcome: 

The result is a brand that doesn’t just speak; it whispers secrets of faraway lands and tales of meticulous craftsmanship. NoirNoir has become a beacon in Soho, a place where every sip of coffee is a journey into the unknown.

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Agency Director: Geovanie Radcliffe
Year: 2023

NOIRNOIR | Cafe Brand Identity


NOIRNOIR | Cafe Brand Identity