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Stormlight® Landscape Architects | Branding & Identity

The Client

Stormlight® Landscape Architects, a visionary entity in the urban design and sustainability sector, sought to redefine the essence of urban outdoor spaces. Their ambition was to be recognized not just as landscape architects but as pioneers shaping the future of urban living. By blending innovative design with ecological principles, they aimed to transform urban environments into sustainable, green sanctuaries.

Why Numinous:

Acknowledging the critical link between brand identity and market presence, Stormlight® engaged Numinous to overhaul their entire brand and visual identity. They sought to ensure their brand not only echoed their commitment to sustainability and innovation but also distinguished them in a competitive landscape.


Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Logo Redesign, Print Materials, Digital Presence, Motion Graphics, Brand Messaging, Sustainable Packaging.

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Numinous embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey. Focusing on Stormlight®'s unique approach to integrating nature with urban architecture, we repositioned them as leaders in creating sustainable, life-enhancing spaces. This transformation involved crafting a visual and strategic brand narrative that deeply resonates with their philosophy of innovation, sustainability, and community well-being.

The Strategy:

Our strategy was to navigate the complexities of modern urban design while honoring Stormlight®'s commitment to environmental stewardship. Understanding their dedication to creating spaces that promote community and ecological well-being, our approach highlighted these core values. This ensured that Stormlight® didn't just follow the trends but was at the forefront, setting new standards for sustainable and innovative landscape architecture.

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Studio: Numinous®
Agency Website:
Client: Stormlight® Landscape Architects
Agency Director: Geovanie Radcliffe
Year: 2023

Stormlight® Landscape Architects | Branding & Identity


Stormlight® Landscape Architects | Branding & Identity