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NeoHaus® is a pioneering architecture and interior design firm that fuses modern and industrial design principles with sustainability. Their mission is to create spaces that inspire, support, and resonate with the people who inhabit them. 

They approached Numinous® seeking a distinctive brand identity that would reflect their ethos and position them as leaders in the field of sustainable modern-industrial design.


NEOHAUS® - Architecture & Interior Design Studio



The challenge was to visually articulate NeoHaus's unique blend of modern-industrial aesthetics, environmental stewardship, and design excellence. 

Numinous® needed to create an identity that would distinguish NeoHaus in a crowded market and communicate its values to a discerning target audience of environmentally conscious individuals and corporations.


In line with our Core Discovery process, we conducted intensive research to understand NeoHaus's unique value proposition, target audience, and market positioning. We worked closely with their team, ensuring a mutual understanding of goals and a shared vision for the brand.

Our research translated into a Brand Strategy that focused on NeoHaus's commitment to sustainable practices, innovative designs, and client satisfaction. The strategy identified key messages, such as "Designing the future with sustainability and style," which were to be communicated across all branding and marketing materials.


Following the strategy, we moved onto the Visual Identity phase. Drawing inspiration from modern and industrial aesthetics, the brand's logo was meticulously crafted. All the letters were emboldened, and the "h" was fashioned into a side profile of a chair, showcasing NeoHaus®'s knack for design in their very name. 

This logo became a seamless fusion of bold lines and conceptual elements, visually embodying NeoHaus®'s balance of modern design and sustainability.

At Numinous®, we continue to support NeoHaus® with ongoing consultancy, ensuring that the brand remains dynamic and responsive in an ever-evolving market. We're proud to have been a part of their journey and look forward to assisting their growth in the future.

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NEOHAUS® | Branding & Visual Identity


NEOHAUS® | Branding & Visual Identity