Kasioboy - Timeline Error

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  • Kasioboy - Timeline Error 
  • We had a lot of fun working on the cover of the debut album by Kasioboy.
    ►Pino (the name behind Kasioboy Project) is a slovak artist discovered by us while surfing on “vintage” MySpace. 
    We launched this idea to him: “When you’ll release something new, it would be cool if you’ll send any sample to listen… we’d love to traslate your sound into an eyecatching visual.”
    This is the funny result, a little bit naive but with a positive spirit.
  • The web-promo:
  • Working on the time tunnel:
  • The logotype:
  • Testing the typography:
  • The starting point:
  • Timeline Error came out digitally on Bandcamp to see/hear/download:
  • The release party: