Ist Das Eine Haltung?

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  • Ist Das Eine Haltung? — Typography
  • Sushi 14
  • Since 1998, the yearbook »sushi« has been conceived, designed and produced by a host of different student groups from Academy of Art and Design Offenbach (HfG).
    The Magazine documented the Young Talent Competition of the Art Directors Club Germany. Each team devises a new “sushi” concept, something that is unique to the magazine. It is devoured mostly by the upcoming young designers themselves as well as the agency’s talent scouts.
    Sushi is an experimental kit that knows only one enemy – the printing deadline. It also features guests from abroad, including South America, the US, Sweden, Russia, Japan, and China.
    It contains contributions from writers, photographers, illustrators, theologians, paparazzi, and other such experienced hands.Every years the editors asks to designers all over the world to create something specific on the concept of the annual issue.
    This time the concept was:
    IST DAS EINE HALTUNG? (Is This An Attitude?)
    Take a look at: 
  • Ist Das Eine Haltung? — Short Movie
  • Concept
    Art direction
    Federico Galvani
    Typography & craft design
    Ilaria Roglieri & Samantha Di Prospero
    Federico Padovani
    Editing & Compositing
    Samantha Di Prospero & Milena Tipaldo
    Sound design
  • Published by: Art Directors Club for Germany
    Initiator and editor-in-chief: Klaus Hesse
    Development assistant: Delle Krause
    Editorial Design: Nikolas Brückmann, Yuriy Matveev, Sophia Preussner, Prof. Klaus Hesse (HfG Offenbach)
    Support: Focus Magazin
    Publisher: avedition Ludwigsburg