Illustrations 4th Quarter of 2010

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  • Illustration Works 4Q 2010
    Some of my works at the 4th Quarter of Year 2010. 
  • The cover for Lunarize, an Illustrator Promotion service started by UK Based Illustrator Alex Mathers. The site is at
  • The iPhone/iPod touch wallpapers for Lunarize. Available at Poolga.
  • Editorial Illustration for Popular Mechanics' October Issue. The story was about motion control gaming.

  • An illustration I made for Dagim, a film by Joaquin Pedro Valdes. I wanted to make a simple, atmospheric illustration that gives a hint to the violent nature of the film. It shows the mountain range and rain meeting each other with a red moon in between.
  • This is one of those rare times I've designed a shirt. I'm not really into apparel design, since I find it really hard to design for shirts. haha. :)

    The shirt is now available here:
  • And another shirt... A double image illustraion of the Oblation and Activist student. This was a fundraiser for UP (University of the Philippines). The students asked me to design one.