Totem Pictures: Family Films. Totem Pictures is all about capturing those special moments in your lives. We cover special occasions, anything from your child's first birthday party, to your wild 21st birthday bash, even your parents' landmark 50th wedding anniversary.

And we figured that includes everything else in between. It's great to see this kind of service available for people who'd love to have these moments expertly recorded and edited for an instant replay or a nostalgic screening at another family reunion. 

This called for a logo that is both playful and dynamic for a moving pictures company. The wordmark locks up with the different buttons.
Totem Pictures' stationeries and business cards
This is what Totem Pictures is all about: frames, colors & moments. We wanted to incorporate these in the brand identity system.
The logo mark: a totem, a camera and video playback buttons
Moodboard for the logo
Enjoying this play with color. 
We made four sets of business cards to match the four different logo lockups. 
Totem Pictures