Plus63 Design Co., together with Plus Arts (Japan), Ruttikorn Vittikorn (Thailand) and Japan Foundation Inc in Manila collaborated and worked on Move Philippines, a disaster preparedness program for kids. It's a localized version (and more) of the Iza Kaeru program by Plus Arts from Japan. 

The pilot program was done in Cagayan De Oro with the survivors of Typhoon Sendong as participants and collaborators.
Meet Mon and Tara. The logo we made for Move Philippines features Tara, the tarsier, and Mon, the monkey. The decision to use these two animals was the result of the consultation with student and teacher volunteers. 

We worked with illustrator Monica Esquivel for the project. We're happy to get to work with Monica on this project, since she used to be an intern in the studio. 
Research and Ideation. In Cagayan de Oro, we consulted with teachers and volunteers about their previous research, and discussed the program of games/activities. We also talked about how design and brand identity can help different causes.
Jo & Rax giving a talk on design and its social impact
One of the volunteers discussing one of the games that was being developed
We created the bandana design to serve as a kind of uniform for the games' participants. The Mon bandana was used by the volunteers and facilitators, while the red ones were for the students.
Graphic design & illustration played a role in the success of the program. Participants were more engaged and attentive. Learning was much more fun for everyone. It's always a nice feeling to work with clients who value good design.
Printed materials of the games developed for the program.
Half of the games were localized versions of Japan's Iza Kaeru program, while half were original games developed with the volunteers. We worked with writer Isa Geganto for the naming. There was a total of 8 games for the program.
Cards of Course helps the participants remember various steps in creating useful objects when disaster happens.
Ready, Raise, Race educates the participants on the different materials that are useful in every disaster.
The list of emergency items
Using PET bottles as life jacketss
Using PET bottles as life jacketss
Connect the Objects is a connecting/matching game that educates the students on the important objects/things they need to have with them when disaster strikes.
This is one of the three setting boards where the magnets are placed.
These are some of the printed magnets.
The questions are also aided with illustrations.
Tale of the Prepared is a quiz game that tests a person's in the event of a calamity.
The Mat That Matters teaches the kids the proper way of transporting an injured survivor of disasters.
We fabricated mascots of Mon & Tara
Kids had fun with this game, well maybe too much fun. We had to tell them that they need to carry the "victims" properly so as not to "injure" them.
Walk Don't Waddle simulates the experience of people navigating through a flood.
Custom googles we personally handcrafted for the game
The participants navigating in the "flood"
We handed out passports to the students to track their progress.
Move Philippines passports
One of the student participants showing the games he already finished
Japan Foundation Inc. is implementing Move Philippines in other cities around the Philippines.
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