Various Illustrations Early 2014
Some of my recent illustrations. :) It's various work for print, editorial, animation and apps. Hope you guys like these. Yey
Creative Cities
Jackson Tan of Phunk Studio & Black Design started a project with Justin Zhuang calledCREATIVE©ITIES. It's an exhibit featuring different cities in Asia and their respective creative talents. 

Through Ubies, Jackson commissioned me to create Metro Manila's visual map. The main idea was to show landmarks, modes of transportation and food. The buildings are places where I bring my foreigner friends when they visit me in Manila. They're a mix of tourist spots, alternative places and museums. The vehicles are the common modes of transportation people use when they commute or travel.
Iraya, Warden of the Woods

Light Grey Art Lab asked artists to participate in to their Role Models exhibit & card game. The idea was to create an alter-ego of ourselves as characters in a D&D world. I chose a ranger since that's what I always choose when I play fantasy rpg games.

My character is called Iraya ("mountain people" in my native Waray dialect). It's also the usernames I use when I play rpg games, so felt it was apt to name my alter ego Iraya. Iraya is a stormwarden spec ranger, he dual wields light blades.

Iraya, Warden of the Woods, imprisons his enemies and the enemies of nature inside the forest. He has been granted control over all forest creatures, big and small. While he hates the idea of engaging in a fight, Iraya is very proficient in wielding dual blades. 
WIRED Italia
 An article on the information request/demand of government investigators from Google, Facebook and other tech companies. This appeared on the recent redesign of WIRED Italia.
Three styleframes I made for an animated commercial pitch. I did this for Hornet Films.
A New Year. A New Hope. 

An illustration I made (without the text) for Kode NYC’s Light of Hope exhibition this January 2014. The image is based on the scenes you’ll see in Tacloban now. Well, a minimalist version of it. There’s a ship stranded on land, and it’s right on top of residential houses. New Year is pretty much celebrated by lighting fireworks. I wanted to show a person lighting up the sky amidst the blackout in the city. In the upcoming New Year celebration, people can hope & dream again. The color palette is based on the Philippine flag, and the “bingala” (sparklers) the sun in the flag.
For Fast Company's LED Feature
I was commissioned by Fast Co. to illustrate a full page feature about LEDs for the "Most Innovative Companies of 2014" issue.

I placed each setting inside an LED bulb and make it look like futuristic Jetsons-y setting since the article wanted to show what an LED-lighted future might look like.

I worked on this illustration for Fast Co.'s April 2014 issue. The article was about new companies pushing mapping technology forward. The focus of the illustration was Mapbox, a service that uses a drone to scan and give on-the-spot map updates of a specific area.
War for the Spectrum

An illustration I made for WIRED's "War for the Spectrum" article. The brief was to show the different scenarios on how the US and their enemies try to jam each other's signals.
Armored School for the Awful Future

An illustration I made for WIRED. The story was about the schools in the US under threat of assault & violence. The article talked about the the different ways on how the students and teaches can protect themselves.

I wanted the illustration to be more conceptual. The different layers of protection can also make schools a bit more depressing for the kids.
I made some illustrations for the Media Kit of our Wander Map project. The cover illustration is luggage bag with Wander related materials inside it: the map, phone, camera, passport, compass and portraits of the team members. It's an invitation to wander with us, by supporting our project through advertising. :)

I also posted a process post of the illustration over at my blog. 
Shiny with a Chance of Down Payments

An illustration I made for The Wall Street Journal. The article was about the forecast of Jumbo Loans for the US in 2014. My idea was to show an analyst acting as a weatherman and reporting the forecast. The weather icons on top of the US map pertains to the different factors that might affect the state of jumbo loans this year.
Patrick Bishop
Minor Lakes

I did a poster for Patrick Bishop's upcoming debut album Minor Lakes. The illustration is based on their single "Redoubt" which is a melancholic song. I wanted the illustration to be minimalist and at the same time reflective of the mood & tone of the song.

'Minor Lakes' will be out November 22 on Accidental Conspiracies!
The poster was silk-screened by the awesome guys at Mama's Sauce!
Space Ahhdyssey
I worked on this project with Resn Amsterdam for Coke's AHH campaign. It was a fun quick project. I did a bunch of assets and frames but not all were used in the final game.

You can play the Space Ahhdyssey game HERE.

It's a fun and challenging game. Hope you have fun.
Blackberry Philippines asked me to create three illustrations for their "Poster Society" project with the theme: Keep Moving.

To keep moving means exploring new things and new experiences. Where can you explore the farthest? That was the question that guided me in doing the illustration. If you want the ultimate experience, you can go outside the planet and explore the universe . If you're into creatures big and small, you can dive twenty thousand leagues under the sea. If you want to keep your feet on the ground, try conquering the highest peak in the world! As Rabindranath Tagore would say, "Be Brave Right Through and Leave for the Unknown!"
1. Peak. If you want try new things, the first daring step is to climb your way to the tallest peak in the planet. You keep yourself on the ground at the same time you're up above…thoughts flying. "Where to go next?" the hiker wondered.
2. Underwater. It's always great to go under the sea to see new things. It's a totally different adventure! It gets darker as you go deeper, you see things you don't see everyday. Things big and small, things that look scary, things that glow. Kind of like the stars. "Where should I go next?" the diver thought.
3. Space. You reach for the stars. You ride aboard a spaceship. You travel around the universe, stopping by different planets, exploring different galaxies. It's the ultimate experience. "Where should I go next?" the space pilot pondered.
So I made this little spacecraft thing for Alex’s Future 52 project, a follow up to Raygun 52. :)

Jack 2.0 is a multipurpose spacecraft that can attach & dock to different starships, cruisers, mechas etc. :)

When Jack goes into "flight mode", the pilot doesn't have direct visual and relies on his HUD and navigation systems. Because it flies really fast visual judgement might be too erratic.

Jack is powered by two engines: the smaller, more visible boosters, and the bigger ring with electrical propulsion (where the smaller boosters) are attached.

The whole spacecraft is made of extreme heat-resistant materials.

“An unexpected consequence of Earth’s most recent apocalypse was the failure of the planet’s orbital debris defense grid. Upon the grid’s shut down, many ships were irreparably damaged by this stray wreckage. Jack will be the perfect tool for reclaiming these derelict vessels. Ironically, many of these defunct starships were funded by the same USoT officials we bribed using Dan’s Raygun 52 contribution, The Jackpot." //TIMETRANSMISSION_END _Bishop_Oct_2297//
Various Illustrations Early 2014

Various Illustrations Early 2014

Some recent illustrations of mine.


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