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Lovaganza 2015
Lovaganza 2015 is a beautiful worldwide event built upon the ideas of Unity, Peace & Abundance. A celebration of the world of tomorrow and a future filled with hope.

I had the opportunity to work with Colin Hesterly of The Academy for Lovaganza's animated video project. I've been a fan of Colin and The Academy's work, so when I got an email from them to design & illustrate the project, I immediately said "yes." It was really great working with them, and I'm so happy with how Jordan Scott and Colin animated the whole thing.
The opening outerspace scene. When I sent the psds I made sure that the animator had a lot to work with.
The city scene.
Last frame.
Direction - Colin Hesterly
Art Direction - Dan Matutina
Animation - Jordan Scott
Additional Animation - Colin Hesterly
Score - Cyrille Marchesseau
Sound Design - HEARby
Lovaganza 2015

Lovaganza 2015

An animated project for Lovaganza 2015. I designed and illustrated the project.