• Corner of 12th & 33rd Street
  • Second-Hand Tire Yard, Broadway, Queens NY
  • 12th Street, Queens NY
  • 34th Ave & 10th Street, Queens NY
  • Vernon Blvd, Queens NY
  • Taxi Graveyard, Broadway, Queens NY
  • Taxi Graveyard, Broadway, Queens NY
  • View from Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens NY
  • Broadway & 12th Street, Queens NY
  • Vernon Blvd & Broadway, Queens NY
  • 11-15 Broadway, Queens NY
  • 31st Drive, Queens NY
  • 12th Street, Queens NY
  • 12th Street & Broadway
  • Broadway Subway Station, Queens NY
  • Manhole Cover, Vernon Ave, Queens NY
  • Astoria, Queens, New York
    We were commissioned to photograph a photo-essay of the streets, buildings and details in the immediate area around a major new development at 11-15 Broadway in Astoria Queens. The pictures had to capture eclectic range of industrial and brownstone residential buildings located within a couple of blocks of this new high end apartment block.

    We shot pictures of a sculpture garden; working industrial buildings; an art gallery; a taxi 'graveyard;' quiet neighborhood streets; intersections and views across the East River. The images will be used in a wide range of printed and digital media –– ranging from a bound book & posters to art prints to complement the high end interior design of the common areas.
    Client: Citi Habitats Marketing Group
    Art Director: Chris Moilla
    Visual Creative Direction / Photography: James Bareham
    Assistant: Brandon Kornprobst
    Retouching: The New Cruelty
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