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The Kiwi, the Camera and the Coffee Cups

Henry Hargreaves photographed with just a few of his coffee cups in his studio in Williamsburg, New York.
The Kiwi, the Camera and the Coffee Cups
I recently spent time with food artist and photographer, Henry Hargreaves. I spoke to him about what it takes to create work such as No Seconds, a photographic series that generated over 2,400,000 million hits on Buzzfeed alone. Henry's latest project Coffee Cups of the World was particularly interesting as this was the first time Henry had invited other photographers to contribute to one of his own projects.

I photographed Henry at his studio in Williamsburg, New York, and at other locations in and around the city in the summer of 2015
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(Food Photography by Henry Hargreaves)
Henry Hargreaves photographed in his studio in Williamsburg, New York.
Food of the Rainbow’. Photo by Henry Hargreaves / Food Styling: Lisa Edslav
The last suppers of convicted killers Victor Feguer and John Wayne Gacy from the series 'No Seconds’. Photography and food styling by Henry Hargreaves
The First Cup is the Deepest. Henry Hargreaves with the Five Leaves coffee cup that kicked off the entire Coffee Cups of the World Project.
Just a small selection of Henry Hargreaves Coffee Cups of the World. All photos Henry Hargreaves
A Deep Fried iPad, just one of Henry's Deep Fired Gadgets. Photo by Henry Hargreaves / food styling by Caitlin Levin
Henry Hargreaves floating in his digital world.
The Kiwi, the Camera and the Coffee Cups

The Kiwi, the Camera and the Coffee Cups

Portraits and feature for Fellow HQ on Henry Hargreaves: food artist, photographer and creator of 'No Seconds', 'Deep Fried Gadgets' and 'Coffee Read More