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Vox Creative + Knob Creek: Branded content for Eater
01: Jeff Hammett begins by peeling a grapefruit and adding two peels to a cocktail tumbler.
Vox Creative + Knob Creek: Branded content for Eater
Vox Creative is a collaborative group of designers, storytellers, directors, and creative coders who conceive and build custom brand experiences. Vox Media is the publisher of The Verge, Polygon, SB Nation, Curbed, Eater, Racked, Recode and Vox.com

I was commissioned by Vox Creative to shoot a branded photographic campaign for Knob Creek designed to run on the newly re-designed Eater web site—along with two beautifully shot video episodes directed by Greg Gordon and shot by DP, Alexander Chinnici.

Traveling to Washington DC, Dallas and Austin, my brief was to photograph three different bartenders unique take on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail. These photographs are of Jeff Hammett, bar manager of Swift’s Attic in Austin, and Eddie Eakin of Boulevardier in Dallas.

Client: Knob Creek
Agency: Vox Creative
Creative Director: Chad Mumm
Art Director, Photographer and Retoucher: James Bareham
Director / Producer: Greg Gordon
DP: Alexander Chinnici
Editor and Art Effects: Noah Shulman
02: After adding five to seven dashes of Angostura bitters and a tarragon-infused simple syrup, Hammett muddles the mixture in the tumbler to release the flavors.
03: The next step is adding two ounces of ginger-infused Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey
04: Hammett then adds soda which pairs nicely with the effervescence of the grapefruit and tarragon
05: Stir for 30 seconds...
06: ...and then pour
Jeff Hammett's take on the 'Immortal' Old Fashioned
01: Eddie Eakin begins by with generous measure of Knob Creek® Bourbon and pouring it into a mixing beaker.
02: He then adds bitters, 8-10 drops of a tobacco version that his friend makes in Seattle…
03: ...and mixes it with 1/4 part—about a bar spoon—of house-made cinnamon syrup
04: Stir the mixture for about 40 revolutions
05: Before pouring the beverage into the glass, he empties the water accumulated in the ice glass
06: Using a bar strainer, he strains the cocktail over the tempered ice
07: To get the citrus oils in the drink, he squeezes the oil from an orange peel over the drink
08: and adds a specially prepared garnish
09: Eddie Eakin’s take on the ‘Immortal’ Old Fashioned
Vox Creative + Knob Creek: Branded content for Eater

Vox Creative + Knob Creek: Branded content for Eater

Three bartenders share their unique take on the classic Old Fashioned cocktail in these photo essays for Eater and presented by Knob Creek.


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