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    A small personal project documenting 14 years of ownership of three Apple iPods and an iPhone.
Apple iPod model no: M8541 (2001) 5GB, Firewire and rotating click wheel
Apple iPod model no: A1136 (2005) 60GB
Apple iPod Nano model no: A1137 (2006) 1GB
Apple iPhone (original) model no: A1203 (2007) 8GB (front view)
Apple iPhone (original) model no: A1203 (2007) 8GB (back view)
iPod to iPhone: A Personal Collection
This personal project is a by-product of a recent and much needed clear out of old digital equipment — chargers, plugs, cables and hard-drives etc.
While rummaging around in the equipment closet, James Bareham came across a box where he’d safely stored his first three iPods (including Apple's original model complete with rotating click wheel) and his first iPhone.
This small personal collection spans 14 years of Apple’s iconic product development. James took the opportunity to photograph a ‘portrait’ of each of the devices (scratches, bumps and all) before boxing them all up safely once more. The products were all shot on a top of a 15 inch MacBook Pro.
Creative Direction & Photography: James Bareham
Retouching: The New Cruelty