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    Pieces I made for the Saga in the Stars exhibit.
I did these pieces for the Saga in the Stars: A Tribute to a Galaxy Far Far Away exhibit at the Gallery Nucleus. I was pretty excited to try something new with regards to production for the exhibit. 
Telos Face-Off
Edition of 10
A Sith and Jedi face-off at the snowy landscape of Telos. I wanted to differentiate the Jedi and the Sith in terms of character design. The Jedi is made up mostly of quadrilaterals (squares & rectangles) while the Sith lord is composed mostly of triangles to show aggression. Even their lightsabers also reflect this design decision.
Silkscreen printing by the awesome guys at Mama's Sauce
Full frame of the Print
Jedi Details
Sith Details
Vader Geometric Figure
Sintra & Wood
This is my own take of Darth Vader. I wanted him to look geometric and badass. 

Process Shots of Vader
More process shots of Vader
Geometric Lightsabers

The idea for this one is similar to the Telos Face-Off and Vader. I wanted to show the lightsabers of the Jedi and Sith in an iconic way. If you look at them you would know which one is for the Good and Dark side of the Force.
Stencils I made for the Lightsabers