Dutch Red Cross: Blog
For Dutch Red Cross I created a blog around 3FM Serious Request Infant Mortality. It shows the world the works and topics of the Dutch Red Cross through a highly visual blog where in depth storytelling can thrive. Development partner: Merge Media.

Client: Dutch Red Cross
Role: Concept, copywriting

* Full page photography, half way blur effect
   Below the fold eye catching story headline
   Back / forward scrolling to visit other stories
Date: december 2012
Client: Dutch Red Cross
Role: Executive creative director, Producer
* Top menu pulled down
* Story credit / date / location lines
* Color change when mouse over
* On mouse click on + sign the story unfolds (in this example an embedded animated graphic novel with use of parallex scrolling)
  Use of distinctive social share buttons on the right side


Blog for Dutch Red Cross. Creating a online place where great stories on various themes and topics can thrive. Unique full page content display w Read More