Omdat je later niet uit een prullenbak wilt eten
Dames denk op tijd aan je pensioen

I created and produced this cinemagraph for Dutch biggest insurance company, Achmea. It was part of an editorial campaign about a hot social issue: 'Women and Pension'. Statistics show that women are reluctant of organizing their pension in an early stage in their lives, compared to men. 

The cinemagraph was published on Facebook, Tumblr and Achmea's digital platform, where the Dutch public can join & start discussions on various social issues (pension, work, health, mobility, safety).

Client: Achmea
Concept, Creative Direction, Production: Martine Hooijer,
Photography: Ilvy Nijokiktjien,
Post production: Hert Zollner,


Cinemagraphs for Dutch biggest insurance company Achmea.