This animated background presentation of high definition 4K resolution was designed for Bryn Balcombe’s speech at the GTC event. The car is presented in looped rotations demonstrating different functionalities and features of its design, software, hardware, and communication systems.
When creating presentations for the events of such scale, it's important to consider not only aesthetics but also assuring the best viewers’ experience, given the technical features of the hall and auditorium. We aimed to create the presentation, making it dynamic and concise, so that it would not distract the viewers, but would harmoniously complement the speech.
Client: Roborace
Year: 2017

Director: Igor Voloschuk
Art Direction: Oleg Butov, Aleksey Derzhavin
CG Supervision: Timur Mullayanov
Account Management: Emma Valter
Editing: Timur Mullayanov
Modeling: Oleg Butov, Dmitri Lebedko
Texturing & shading: Oleg Butov
Rendering: Oleg Butov
3D Animation: Timur Mullayanov
Compositing: Timur Mullayanov
2D Animation: Aleksey Derzhavin
Roborace GTC