Roborace - creators of the first autonomous car in history were looking for a competent passionately committed to motorsport contractor which they found in the face of our team. Our task was to create a touch table application for events which would acquaint the viewers with the car’s secrets: its inner essence, implemented innovations, and principles of work. 

We have completely recreated the car in digital form from drawings and photographs which was conducted in parallel with the creation of the car itself. This project has become a bridge uniting the paddocks with the motorsports audience and powered by Unreal Engine, it garnered us second place in the Unreal Awards Manufacturing category.
The touch table application allows studying the entire car layer by layer. The observer can break down the car and study all its engineering projections: a general overview, the engineering view of the chassis - car’s power structure, the drive train - the power unit of the car, all the way to the Nvidia processor - a collection of all sensors.
Roborace touch table has had three versions and subsequent modifications. In the very beginning, we have greatly overestimated our abilities and the first two versions turned out to be a total failure; however, hard work and UE’s functionality helped us realize the project to its full potential. 
Client: Roborace
Year: 2017

Creative direction - Igor Voloschuk
Art direction, texturing & shading - Oleg Butov
Technical supervision - Timur Mullayanov
Look development - Igor Gorkovenko
Project management - Emma Valter
Surface modeling - Dmitri Lebedko
Poly modeling - Yaroslav Goglev, Igor Gorkovenko, Timur Mullayanov, Aleksandr Ilichev, Aleksandr Sukhobrus, Denis Morozov, Aleksandr Zhilkin, Maksim Khomenko, Valentine Sorokin
UI design - Aleksey Derzhavin
Coding - Aleksey Kabanov
Roborace Touch Table