Formula E Gen2 car is a truly astonishing piece of engineering art, which accompanied by our lust for shiny internal details, resulted in the creation of this explicit video. The viewer witnesses the car explosion and its  assembly manifesting our rethinking of the whole concept of a conventional automobile presentation.

This project is imbued with our immense love for details and a desire to show what's hidden from the viewers' eyes. The nuts, bolts and actual engineering are the sexiest part, which resides under the surface.

The creative idea was to portray the client’s objective – the promotion of clean energy in the automotive industry through high-tech autosport. Our part was to visually re-create these amazing technologies that lay behind the future of racing and unveiling the first fully electric autosport.

We were entrusted with the mission to display the whole vehicle inside out; the confidentiality of the project and its unique developments facilitated meticulous research to support our craftsmanship. Since the internal components are patented, the manufacturer could not disclose this information to us, thus a considerable amount of components and joints had to be modeled by ourselves. Our expertise in engineering along with thorough research allowed us to model all the necessary parts for a realistic image which in total accounted for 80% of the entire vehicle.

A metaphysical space that exists beyond reality was the abstract environment we envisioned to place this urban track at that magical moment just before dawn when the street lights give objects a mystical halo and everything begins to dissolve into the void - exactly then the car disassembles.

Our task was to show the entire engineering of the car as effectively as possible within a one-minute time limit. We actualized this by exploding the car into its component parts and then reassembling it. The explosion turned out to be the perfect solution not only visually but also technically.

​​​​​​​The full pipeline from modeling, rigging and animation to the final image was completed using 5 different software programs while simultaneously finding references for every single detail in order to create a completely credible visualization. The provided source model had 400 details, while the reassembled model comprises 7000 details including 1500 new unique ones crafted independently by the studio. 

Taking into account that the car was in the development stage, we managed to assemble it in a digital form to the very last piece. The exploded view of the car embodies a rethinking of the whole automobile presentation concept. The final product was viewed by a total of 1.6 million fans’ worldwide.

Client: Formula E
Year: 2018

Creative Direction: Igor Voloschuk
Art Direction: Oleg Butov
CG Supervision: Timur Mullayanov
Account Management: Emma Valter
Editing: Peter Voronov
Modeling: Yaroslav Goglev, Dmitry Lebedko, Oleg Butov
Texturing & Shading: Grigoriy Kryuchenko, Yaroslav Goglev, Oleg Butov
Lighting: Oleg Butov
Setting up scenes: Timur Mullayanov, Grigoriy Kryuchenko
Setting up rendering: Igor Kashirin
3D Animation: Timur Mullayanov, Grigoriy Kryuchenko
2D Animation: Dmitry Egorov
Compositing: Timur Mullayanov
Music&Sound Design: Sergey Vedernikov ft. Peter Voronov

Formula E Gen2 Car Exploded